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Online School Marketing Strategies To Increase Admissions

By February 24, 2020 Marketing
Education Branding Agency

In the past, word-of-mouth publicity is found to be enough for the limited schools we use to have. But now in this online world, where international schools are making its way, it is important for you to stand out in this forever growing competition.

A recent research found that the number of students in Indian International Schools has increased by 70% over the past 5 years. So, following the traditional marketing strategies like newspapers and billboard ads alone are not enough to be among the top. Online Marketing plays a vital role in increasing your school admissions.
So, we (Art Hill) came up with the best online marketing strategies which help you improve your admission numbers.

Optimise your Website Experience
Website can play a crucial role in getting exposure to your school and with properly considering the following steps, you can leave parents with a positive impression.
We all are aware that more than half of the web browsing is done through mobile phones. So it is recommended tosee that your website can adapt different screen sizes, device types and orientations and make sure it is loaded in no time, not making the parents to wait for it to completely load. It should be professional, attractive and yet easy to navigate. Both, Parents and Students should easily find the information and have a good reading experience.
Additional tip: Creating an individual app for your school along with website would be an added benefit. It promotes professionalism and uniqueness. It can help parents and students to review their marks, activities and performance.

Optimise your SEO Ranking
For you to survive in the online world where 90% of all online experiences beginning in search, and more than 70% people saying that they haven’t gone past the first search result page. It is important for you to make sure your school reaches the top of the page and to do soyou need to invest your time and resources.
Keywords plays a major role in SEO ranking. Understand the terms parents use to search schools and use them. You can search the keyword statistics at trends.google.com.

Optimise your Google Business Page
People often search with schools near me and Google map results show only the pages with Google Business listings. So, it is important for you to create and maintain your Google Business Page. Just fill out all the requested info on your Google business pageand maintain it up to date.
Also, Positive Reviews are the online word of mouth publicity of your school. The better rating the more chances for the parents to contact you. Reviews also depends on the response you give to the messages you get online.

Optimise your Social Media Accounts
The best and easy way to get more exposure to your school is through social media. Create an official account in Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and post regular updates. This helps parents to know the activities and events happening in your school and also gives an added chance to contact you in case of urgency.
Uploading your school logo as display picture is the most preferable choice as it would be easy to recognise you. You can upload your school notice and information in addition to student’s activities, achievements, welfare and charity works you do (reveals the public service accomplishments of your school) in all social media platforms. In case of YouTube you can upload videos of school programs, student stories etc.

Working as a digital marketing service for schools takes a great deal in understanding and knowing the educational sector and its operation. To work with a team of professionals and educational sector-focused digital marketing strategists contact Art Hill, with more than a decade of working experience in the education sector, Art Hill Advertising offers digital marketing services that are strategically designed to help educational institutesbuild a strong online presence online and reach out the targeted audience.

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