Building a strong brand for your school

Get noticed through powerful branding for your school and project cultural ethos at the same time. We help you in formulating a complete branding exercise – from logo to school material and collaterals you need for 360-degree communication. Established as well as new schools manage to create a fresh identity with our brand positioning ideas and clutter-breaking creative renditions aimed at amplifying their market presence and boosting brand strength.

Brand Consultancy and Strategy

For new upcoming schools, we help in devising complete brand strategy and positioning. For the established brands we analyze the existing approach and suggest the right strategy to help the school break the clutter and carve a name for the brand. Every school has it its own identity, culture and ethos in addition to quality education.The creative team at Art Hill designs the brand identity from logo to collaterals maintaining the brand synergy.

Marketing Strategy and Planning

We develop a marketing strategy with clear, realistic objectives and identify your target audience. We invest time to understand and plan before coming up with a creative interpretation. Being strategically driven, we measure the success and effectiveness of our work.